SALE! Hot Towel Cabi : Small 2-in-1 Towel Warmer & Ultraviolet Sterilizer Cabinet

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This ultra-compact 2-in-1 towel warmer & ultraviolet sterilizer cabinet serves dual purpose for you. With the discretely placed separate function switches, you can run the Sterilizer or the Heat function individually - or both at the same time! Keep your towels at a toasty 175 degrees Fahrenheit and use powerful ultraviolet rays to sterilize your tools and implements. CE Certified - International Compliance to Safety Standards Heats up to 175 degrees Fahrenheit 12 facial towel capacity (towels not included) Removable Towel Grill Easy-clean drip Tray Included Separate Power Button so you don't have to run UV if not needed 175 Watts Dimensions: 8.25 Liter Capacity Cabinet External Dimensions: 11.75"d X 13.25"w X 11.25"h Internal Dimensions: 7.5"d X 9.25"w X 7.25"h

12 pcs
Name Small size hot towel warmer cabinet with UV light SKU # SmallCabi Product Info Weight:
17.00 pounds Length:
17.00 inches Width:
12.00 inches Height:
14.00 inches Warranty:

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