To Our Customers,

We have been in business, online, selling Quality SkinCare Equipment for over 2 decades, having supplied tens of millions of dollars worth of Quality Massage and Skincare Equipment—online and over the phone exclusively. We are Experts at what we do. Over 10,000 satisfied customers can't be wrong!

We also know how hard it can be for you to sift through everything you see online in order to find good quality equipment.

And that's where we come in.

What does uniquely is we give you access to a number of very valuable, hard to find things:

1. A wide range of quality equipment from diverse manufacturers across the spectrum of price points.
2. Intimate knowledge and expertise based on over 15 year in the industry.
3. Better than competitive discount pricing which is very hard to beat on equal quality items. is a boutique specialty store; I run this company to support my family. It is a personal business, and our customers love the personal attention they receive.

(It's all well and good to buy one's goods from a large operation, but if the goods aren't that good anyway, then what good is it really in the first place?)

If the strengths you like include value, expertise, and personalized attention, then I personally guarantee you’ll find what you’re looking for here, at

We specialize in providing equipment resources, management consulting, and operational support to business large and small--from massage therapy, to skin care and day spas, to the medispa niche market where we are specialists.

All the best to you and yours, and your successful business,

Jeff Roth, CMT,


About Jeff Roth

In addition to being a Certified Massage Therapist (1997) himself, Jeff Roth is an entrepreneur and internet pioneer, involved in the spa, salon, medispa, skincare, massage, and esthetics equipment industry for 15 years. The original was one of the first websites dedicated to Massage or Skin Care equipment back in 2001. Jeff brings valuable knowledge, insight, and years of experience to his passion for excellent customer engagement and satisfaction at .

In addition to providing superior value and support at, Jeff also is a consultant to the spa industry, helping businesses small and large hone their focus, and improve their business model and results. You can direct your inquiries to

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