Large Exam Chair Package with Stirrups MediLuxe Rx S-Class

Color: Graphite Grey
Stirrups: None
Add Matching Stool: None
Sale price$3,995.00 Regular price$5,795.00


MultiPurpose MediSpa Procedure Table MediLuxe Rx4-S Class with Advanced Stirrups Package DLX Set for In Office Procedures, Large. 

Experience the versatility and durability of the new MediLuxe Rx4-S Class pre-bundled packaged stirrups option set.This sturdy, modern, and comfortable chair features an all-metal base and includes stirrups of your choice from the drop-down menu (not pictured with item). The MediLuxe Rx4-S Class is perfect for a wide range of treatments, including consults, exams, in-office procedures, and minor surgeries.

The all-metal base has built-in foot controls for adjusting the backrest, height, and Trendelenburg position, while the leg-rest portion is controlled with a hand wand that also has controls for the other 3 functions. The chair also features two buttons on the back for resetting the chair to the upright position and a lock button for added safety and complete control. Upgrade your treatment space with the reliable and feature-packed MediLuxe Rx4-S Class Exam Chair and Procedure Table.



  • Exam Chair in Graphite Grey Advanced Glove Covering
  • Hands-Free Foot Pedal Control Integrated Into the Base of the Chair
  • Pre-Programmable Hand-Held Remote for Dual Control Assurance, and Multi-Positioning Ease
  • Paper Roll Holder
  • Side Rails for Stirrup Attachment
  • Stirrup Set of Your Choice-- Ankle or Under-Knee


  • Weight Capacity: 440 lbs


  • Under-heel Stirrups or Under-Knee Stirrups 
  • Add Matching Stool

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